Welcome to Special Wundies. We know all about how difficult it is to find large onesies because we use them ourselves. We also know that the typical onesie or bodysuit you find online is not very durable and after a few washes, fall apart at the seams (literally!). We knew there had to be a better way to make them and so we took on the task.


Beginning in late 2013, the Special Wundies team started to develop prototypes of onesies that would stand the test of more than 5 wash cycles. After months of testing, we figured out the problem areas and worked closely with our manufacturer to create what we believe to be the most durable onesie on the market.

Each of the side seams are double-stitched and are designed to withstand the strength and weight of larger kids and young adults. We also reinforce each of the snap enclosures which helps to keep the suit closed, even during fun times at the park.

We hope your kids will enjoy our onesies and we look forward to helping your family just as they have helped ours.